Welcome Home Music is an evolving curator of music composed from individual artists across the world. Our purpose since February 2013 is to provide a homey atmosphere while showing support to people just like you. We are proud to showcase a variety of sounds that we, as listeners, would enjoy and hope that Welcome Home Music becomes a welcomed guest wherever you call home.


Check out some of our favorite music with our curated playlists below!

Feel goodPositive Music to boost your mood Listen
Drift awayperfect for late night relaxation Listen
LyricaLA selection of songs with vocals Listen
Easy listeningMusic without lyrics to keep you focused Listen
Drum & BassA classic genre with a wide variety of styles Listen
FutureOne of our quickest growing playlists of vibey tunes Listen
UpbeatThe go to playlist to get up and move Listen
Live VideosA special selection of vidoes with live backgrounds Listen